Beauty queens construct women's Centre

A strong contingent of Okotoks-area citizens and companies are working to make a difference in the lives of women recovering from addiction. Recovery Acres Society, a Calgary-based treatment center for males with dependencies, is turning a four-plex in the Marda Loop location in southwest Calgary into a center to support women recovering from dependencies. In the most unique part of the task the entire process of converting your home into a day treatment center is being captured on film and will air as a reality TELEVISION program, Crowns of Construction, in September.

Okotoks resident Rob Laird, Recovery Acres capital fundraising director, said the women s center is frantically required in the location. There has actually been male’s treatment in the area for 42 years, he stated. There is an enhancing scarcity of beds for women.

It is based in Calgary, he stated anticipates the facility will be used by women from the Foothills.

Recovery Acres intense day program follows a 12-step design of healing over two to four weeks to offer coping mechanisms and develop healthy lifestyles as women recover, said Laird. He stated the program provides a total remodeling to assist women construct self-esteem and progress with their lives.

It’s crucial to ensure assistance is in place for their children as women participate in the program.

The day treatment facility has a children support service center in the basement, so the women can be comfortable knowing their children are downstairs and in excellent hands, stated Laird.

He said women have the tendency to be afraid to enter residential programs especially if they fear losing their children because of their addiction. He said having support for children in the building will supply women the support they require in a safe environment, he stated. Remodeling’s have actually been underway for four weeks and are anticipated to be finished by the end of June. Laird stated opening day should be in July.

The work is being recorded by the L&C Style Production team as they film video for Crowns of Construction. The reality TELEVISION show features 2 previous model - Okotoks resident TJ Anderson, who was called Mrs. Calgary 2013, and Calgarian Angie Shilliday, who was Mrs. Canada 2014 as they lead remodeling work for the recovery center. Anderson said Charity work and fundraising have actually always been a large part of her life, and it’sa significant requirement to win the title of Mrs. Calgary. She said the Recovery Acres project is something she would have gladly dealt with without having actually TV involved.

The TV program developed after Anderson, a realtor by trade, approached Shilliday to go over the possibility of renovating houses as an investment. Shilliday, who has actually volunteered with Recovery Acres for many years, set up for them to take on the treatment facility remodeling.

Anderson then approached contacts in television and Crowns of Construction was born.

I was talking about our plan to someone in the industry and the next thing we understood it had actually become a reality TV program idea, said Anderson. Anderson stated it’s a project she’s happy to be a part of, and fits with her interest in renovation in addition to her desire to assist those in need. Up until now, walls have actually been torn down and the within the building is beginning to look less like a four-plex home, she said.

One side of the building will be remodeled into two condo-style apartment or condos, which will house women in healing who might or may not belong to the program, she said. The opposite has been converted into one large space. A treatment center for as much as 15 ladies is being improved the upper floor, with the children s support center in the basement, she said.

It’s been going truly well. We’ve got celebrities coming out and revealing their support, stated Anderson. The neighborhood has really stepped in for this. The Recovery Acres job is drawing in interest in Calargy and beyond. The women have actually been signed up with by celebrities like Lanny MacDonald, Oscar Lopez, the Forzanis, Tom Jackson and a couple of previous Calgary Flames.

There is a strong contingent of fans from the Okotoks and the Foothills area.

It’s going to be advantageous for the entire area, it’s not simply Calgary, said Anderson. That’s why there are so many of us included from down south.

Okotoks hairdresser Misty Shingoose has been helping out with a few of the demolition and building and construction during the previous month. She stated the facility is essential to have in the area. The greatest issue is the space that exists in between drying out in detox and getting treatment in a bed at a facility, said Shingoose. This will be a step in between. As soon as the facility is up and running, Shingoose strategies to run programs helping women clean up their aim to match their brand-new way of life.

It can be hard, if your life has been resided in the drug scene to move into the routine of working someplace every day, she said. Sometimes they feel their appearance is being judged which can injure their confidence. She said being confident helps the women safe and secure work and feel comfier in their new lifestyle. Being uncomfortable with significant change can often make individuals fall back to their previous conveniences, she stated. The next generation will be affected by how strong, empowered and confident their moms are, growing up, said Shingoose. It’s truly vital we have truly strong mothers and actually strong families.

Another Okotoks icon, Jim Bearcat Murray, has been deeply associated with Recovery Acres planning and construction. Helping others came naturally to Murray. He stated his parents took in those in need throughout the Dirty Thirties, feeding people who were starving and trying to find work.

He stated he’s happy to return and support Recovery Acres.

I thank God I can help and put on t need the assistance myself, he said. It’s good to provide, to do something for these women that require help.


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